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We are living in an Ads world. No escape, no future

If you have visited some Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea. You are going to find that advertisement is taking up every second of the society there. Whether you are entering an elevator, or going out for a shop, or even reading off a menu. Those just a portion of the story, but people there are used to it.

In western society, ads appearing in different ways. Rather than putting the ads on physical papers or billboards, they are hidden in our phones and screens. Every scroll up and down, there is an advertisement that targets your interest and niche. Algorithm-based ads know you better than yourself. Locked your eyes with beautiful looking visuals.

We are being controlled and manipulated by advertisements. Every day we have to make choices between selling and buying, invest or save, consume, or be consumed. One might think that if we don't follow this basic rule of modern society, we are falling behind.

Our ways of getting new information have changed. From reading and audit, to this new way of perception. Which the websites and apps know what you need and what you want based on your preexisting profile and previous searches. Based on those, they know what you need moments ago, so they give you something you want, a few seconds after.

We constantly feed on new information. One ad after another, one profile after another. The only thing that separates the two is the limited space in between, until someone purchase that ad space, filling that little gap up.

Imagine living in a society outside of being controlled, or, is it even possible?

When was the last time you went for a walk to nature, where there isn't any signals nor wifi. No outside interference, no "check this out", no saved videos.

Only you, nature.

That is when you are fully connected to yourself and to the earth that raised you. In our term, that is when you are being aware of your consciousness. It is a moment we all needed, space and a pause to think, in the midst of a fast-growing ads world.

Most people don't understand what it feels like to relax, and being carefree. Like the feeling of lying down on the dead sea. Peace, Quiet, and perfect. Being in this world, we do not need to always get more information. Sometimes we need time to process the information that we already know.

What if we give you a chance to abandon your current post, and join us on an adventure. To think and create, to imagine and explore, to feel and sense, to understand and question.

What we imagine in the future of Consci Music is giving artists and musicians opportunities to explore new ways of showcasing their music. With potential trips to exotic locations around the world, or within the cities. Invent new ways for music and art to be documented and presented.

There are so many unexplored locations around the world, waiting to be unlocked! They are no bounded by any rules, but to respect and understand. Whether it's a corner of the cities, the rural areas outside the metropolitan, the secret trail leading up to a building, the abandoned park that only we knowing.

The perfect solution is, to link our ads world to these unexplored worlds. Building a link from nature to cultured. Use the internet and Cameras as our friend, to document our process and show them to the world. This way, what we are offering is more than just another ads, but stories and a human cultural piece that can be pass on.

Leaving our footprint long enough for the next generations of people to see, isn't that what we as a human being should do. Inspire and pass on to the millions of humans in the distant future. To influence them with our choices, our stories, their histories and choices.

Would you join our music, for the future of music?

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