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Consci Music Production Featuring Max Thomas - Little Wings (by Jimi Hendrix)

"My name is Max Thomas! I'm a singer, songwriter, and guitarist attending Berklee College of Music. I picked up the guitar when I was little and never looked back, watching players like John Mayer write compelling pop songs while simultaneously playing a perfectly melodic solo over top of it blew my mind. I dove deep and quickly fell in love with playing on a stage in front of people. Once I hit senior year of high school I knew that playing bar gigs wasn’t going to cut it, so I auditioned for Berklee College of Music to give me that extra push I needed as an artist. I’ve been studying here for 3 years now! I’m playing on making the move to Nashville or Los Angeles very soon!"

“While I am a guitar player at heart, my soul is in the art of singing and playing. Hendrix has been an influence for me since I was a little kid. His music has helped morf my playing style, and the song that holds closest to me is Little Wing. I created my own version, mixing the things I’ve learned at Berklee and watching others cover this song. You could say Little Wing is the song that encapsulates me as an artist the best.”

Follow Max Thomas

Instagram: @guitarguymax

Facebook: Max Thomas (@guitarguymax)

Youtube: Max ThomasMusic

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