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"Consci Music cables are amazing, and the whole company is like excellence at what they've created. They strive to produce the best music products and giving an upgrade for all musicians. Love the beautiful quality and sound."

-- Mike Stern Guitarist

"Consci Music produced the most impressive cables, look so great and high-end. i'm happy to record with them in my studio."

-- Arturo Sandoval - Trumpeter, Pianist, Composer, Medal of freedom recipient

“I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out the new TS “White Gold” instrument and XLR cables by Consci Music, and simply stated - These are serious cables for serious musicians!  

I’ve used many of the finest quality instrument cables out there through the years, and could immediately recognize the same quality of top-notch components and workmanship with the TS cable. But I’m truly impressed with the strong, clean signal and warmth  these cables supply to my Markbass amplification, as well as “straight into the board” in the recording studio. 


Musicians are constantly striving to find the most faithful and transparent tone possible, and I’ve never experienced a more true representation of my signature Fodera bass than with the Consci “White Gold” cable system.


Thank you, Consci Music!”

-- Tom Kennedy -Bassist (Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Steps Ahead)

Professional Opinion from

I am the happy owner of a pair of perfectly performing royal blue Consci Music TS 1/4 inch instrument cables. These cables totally eliminates hum from external sources.

And I really like that by purchasing a Consci Music TS 1/4” instrument cable, you are supporting innovators who are also working to help promote other aspiring artists.
You are making the choice not to buy a cable from a big corporation but rather to support a music company that is re-imagining the way musicians can make their way in the world. 

-- Bert Seager - Jazz pianist and educator

Consci Music Cables Comparison Test

With Strukture, CNZ Audio, Ibanez, Monster, Practical Patch cables. 

Consci Music offers the minimalist signal noise, totally blown away by the result

-- Barefoot Bearded Wizardry

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