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Consci Music Arts


Future of Music, Art, Tech.

About us

Consci Music is a music company that features revolutionary music products, record label, artist management, Licensing and publishing, and community engagement. 

We believe in the consciousness, that music and other art forms are created by conscious beings, and come together to document the stories and to spread the inspiration for the future. 

We also believe in the human stories behind our music and work. Always innovating and exploring through arts and interactions with the world.

All of our artists are welcomed into CONSCI clan, where we support and share our resources for life. 

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, founded by Composer, Ye Huang in 2020.

- Focus on the virtuosic performers and composers, no limitation to genres, but to create with a forwarding thinking mind and breaking the tradition. 

- A clan based record label structure, which includes all the signed artists. We create an artist brand for all our clan members and help to create a personalized figure for each artist and present them to the public eyes.

- Believe in the fusion with music, arts, and technology. Apply new music and visual technology into our music. 

- Redesign the music stage with projection arts, visual arts, and sound technologies.

- Revolutionize the music products, benefiting the musicians and music industry. Each product sale is reinvested into our clan artists and their crafts. 

- Collaborative in nature, collaboration with other businesses and organizations in different fields to generate more influences.

- Give back to the music community, and help the musicians to achieve greater success. We encourage collaborations between artistic fields, and building connections and sharing resources.



Leading the next step for the music industry and pioneer in conscious creation.

We welcome you to join us and share our visions.

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