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Each country I visit, I try to compose something - Theo Payen

CONSCI Music Production featuring Theo Payen - Boston Mood

Theo Payen: Multi-instrumentalist, toured with Hans Zimmer and many more artists.

Theo was born in Lille, France to a musical family. He began playing violin at the age of four, then piano at the age of six.

He played with world famous composer Hans Zimmer in 2016&17 as a keyboardist and chorister.

At only 23 years old, he has performed all around the world with famous musicians like Lorie, Louane, Ennio Morricone, and more.

He is also an arranger and musician, involved in multiple international concerts that led him toured in Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Russia.

He is attending Berklee College of music as a professional-music major, where he joins Dave Limina's piano studio.

Consci Music is presenting Theo Payen with his newest composition - Boston Mood.

A song he composed when he first stepped foot in Boston. Inspired by its environment and its people.

"Each country I visit, I try to compose something". It is a way that Theo holds on to memories in new countries, how he thinks and feels.

In Theo's words, as a musician, focusing on what we like, do, and feel is of the utmost importance for the creation of new music. Being passionate and enjoying what you do, especially during this time of uncertainty. Looking forward with an optimistic vision, Theo says, “I'm always hungry to play, record, and compose."

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