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Introducing Consci Music

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Six months ago, the world that we live in, changed. For the first time in our lifetime, the chaotic rhythm of everyday life was interrupted and put to a rather dramatic stop. Millions around the world became confined to their homes, and while social isolation can be detrimental, for music, it doesn’t have to be. As the world began to realize itself, Consci Music was born.

What is Consci?

Consciousness began with a thought of exploration for the balance. The consciousness of music comes from the linkage between our thoughts, and the world we live in. To search for answers, in the meantime, asking questions.

Consci evolves from the traditions. Many of us living in a well-connected world, tend to forget that there are much more about human traditions and cultures, we yet to understand, or we will never be able to. There will always be more of the unknown than the internet world can ever hold.

Consci is about holding the stories, the forgotten, and the untold. Everyone grew up differently, different stories and experiences define who we are. The stories are in us, just need the right medium and moment to be told. Whether is in a formality of arts, music, language, writings.

Consci Music:

Consci Music is a revolutionary, forward-thinking record company and platform for collaboration based in Boston, Massachusetts in 2020.

Founded to enhance the personal brand and unique sound of affiliated musicians. Consci Music redesigns the music stage with innovative visual arts and technologies to boldly present artists to the public eye.

Our objective is to create a collective of musicians, producers, marketers, and industry experts to best support the people we represent. Joining Consci Music connects you to a vast network of guidance, mentorship, and real-world experience that will take the music you play to the next level.

Consci Music was founded by Ye Huang, a talented musician who devoted in the music industry. Chinese born clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist, and composer, Ye Huang performs music across classical, jazz, pop, and many other genres. He toured with world-renown musicians including Wynton Marsalis, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Arturo Sandoval, and Eddie Daniels.

He has performed in more than 30 cities in China, mostly including Poly Theaters and concert halls. He has also performed in some of the most prestigious venues in the U.S Including, Blue Note, Birdland, Juilliard Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, and New England Conservatory Jordan Hall.

As a composer, Ye Huang has composed different kinds of pieces and songs, he fuses different genres, forms, and rhythms, creating new and unique pieces. His classical pieces include Clarinet Fantasy, Ye Huang's suite (7 movements), two clarinet sonatas, with the first sonata finished at the age of 13, piano solo pieces, chamber pieces for strings, and duet pieces with clarinet and piano. In total, he has composed more than a hundred jazz and jazz fusion pieces.

It is this fusion that sits at the core of Consci Music. We seek to work with artists who fuse different elements of music and act as innovators in the space. By mixing different genres and styles of music, we believe that we can help our affiliated musicians create and produce music that pushes the boundaries of what we listen to today. With the aid of music technologies and collaborations across all artistic fields.

We are also aiming to build an art collective, which services as a community that welcomes forward-thinking composers and virtuosic performers, to come together and create for the future of arts. Combining the visuals and audio and more, exploring all our senses, invoking the true consciousness and humanity.

There is no limitation to our creativity, with the aid of technology, we set our aim to the unknown, yet bright future. Together, in the sense of unity and humanity.

Will you help us build the Future of Music?

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