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CONSCI Music Production featuring Taller Than Trees - Tattoo

CONSCI Music Production featuring Taller Than Trees - Tattoo

Taller Than Trees is a young and upcoming alternative Spanglish pop/rock band formed at Berklee College of Music in 2016. Their music has a refreshing and yet nostalgic sound, bringing back sounds from classic rock and pop music from the 2000s in a reinvented and catchy way; a new musical identity born from the love of Coldplay and early Maroon 5, mentored by the wisdom of music legends like The Beatles and Queen.

A collective project led by Mexican singer/songwriter Mike (Miguel) Soto, with six Singles out, a coming EP on the works, and having done their first tour through their home-country México. Their catchy melodies, soulful guitar lines, and groovy rhythms with Latin music influences will uplift your spirit and deliver an intimate message of love.

In their own words, "Uniting people through the power of love and music, and inspiring the dreamer inside all of us to dream taller is why we do music". Some other prominent influences of the band's music are Imagine Dragons, Keane, Panic at the Disco, Muse, Camila, Reik, Luis Miguel, and others. Their influences are diverse and so is the music that they want to share with the world.

" "Tattoo" is one of my oldest songs that I've kept working on throughout the years. I wrote it back when I was in high school and experienced real love for the first time. Sex was a part of it, but I wanted to write a song about the feeling of another person becoming an extension of yourself, both physically and spiritually. The song captures the sexual energy and euphoric love that one feels when they first fall in love; naive and addictive."

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