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CONSCI Music Production featuring LIYA - Mother Medusa

Bulgarian-born artist, LIYA, has created a dark, but exciting new track ‘Mother Medusa’ alongside Indonesian producer, ABRAM, that gives strong feminist vibes to the masses.

When it comes to LIYA, music has been running through her veins for the longest time and she has been known for her honest and powerful lyricism. After graduating from Berklee College of Music and independently releasing her original music, LIYA felt it was time to put all her energy into music. A series of live performances all over New England (United States), as well as in New York City and Philadelphia, including multiple SoFar Sounds concerts, led to an instant intrigue and it’s no wonder why.

Because of LIYA's captivating stage presence, quirky personality, combined with her captivating powerful vocals, it was obvious why Indonesian producer, ABRAM, wanted to collaborate with her.

'Mother Medusa’, produces dark but honest lyricism by portraying women’s struggles through imagery drawn from Greek mythology, where Medusa, widely known as a monstrous creature, is now a synonym for female power. LIYA and ABRAM have successfully mixed this lyrical idea with sleek production, creating a dark-pop feel with beats so infectious.

"This whole project we wanted to make it dark but in the same time colorful, to have this contrasting. Also the lyrics and vocal is the same way, metaphorical and playful."

Accompanied by Italian guitarist Francesco Staccioli.

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