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CONSCI Music Production featuring JIALIN and Esther Meng - My Type

JIALIN, professional producer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, and arranger. From an early age influenced by blues, R&B, soul, and pop music, he studied from the famous Los Angeles producer, guitarist Eric Jackson, and Zane Carney. The experience of continuous learning in different cultures and music genre slowly made him grow into a more mature musician. JIALIN began his solo career as an artist in 2020 as he gradually released 4 original songs both written and produced by him. JIALIN has never stopped exploring different music fields and trying to bring new and unique elements to the current music world.

Esther Meng, a singer-songwriter, arranger, and producer. From an early age of studying Chinese traditional folk songs, she built a strong foundation on her singing skills. Later on, she developed her techniques learning through different genres such as R&B, soul, gospel, and pop. Esther started her solo career as an artist in late 2020. Her newest single will be released very soon.

“My Type” is a collaborative song written by Esther Meng, JIALIN, and Jessica Gélinas. It is a romantic song with slight flavor of jazz and hip-hop influence.

The official song is produced by JIALIN and has a mixture of an old school R&B vibe combined with a modern pop feel throughout the tune.

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