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CONSCI Music Production featuring James O'Connor - Orchid

CONSCI Music Production featuring James O'Connor - Orchid

James O'Connor is a metal guitarist and musician from New Jersey who primarily writes instrumental music. He is involved in two instrumental bands, Azimuth, and Among the Stars, but releases music under his name as well. His biggest influences include, but are not limited to: The Helix Nebula, CHON, Jake Howsam Lowe, and Plini. James has played several shows with his band Azimuth in Boston where he is currently based.

You can find more of his work on Among the Stars in the recently released LP, Gravitational Collapse.

Orchid is James' debut single and the writing process for it was one of the smoothest that he’s ever experienced. It’s a very fun song to play. This stems from it being written during quarantine and James, needing a therapeutic musical outlet. The song was recorded using Consci Music TS cables (white gold version).

James plans to continue releasing music independently and eventually wants to release an album.

James’ band Azimuth is a progressive instrumental band that started in 2019 with himself and Shepard Saied as the founding members. They played two shows in the Spring of 2020 with newfound bassist, Ethan Emery. They are currently working on releasing their first single. The single will be one of the songs on their EP that they plan to release soon.

James' band Among the Stars is also currently a progressive instrumental metal band. James joined Among the Stars in Spring of 2020. He and founding member, Matt Baker, got to work writing material and released an album in the Summer called “Gravitational Collapse”. It was written and recorded at the height of the pandemic, so a lot of their emotion was put into the material. That being said, it is a very important release for them. Among the Stars is currently working on writing more material and making content for their newest album.

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