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Consci Music Cables, TS Instrument and XLR Microphone Cables, with Noise Cancelling Tech

Consci Music Cables, TS Instrument and XLR Microphone Cables, with Noise Cancelling Tech

Cables have been around ever since humans discovered electricity. It is the most important medium for humans to communicate with each other, in one form or another. Whether its electric cables, fiber optics, USB, charger, our society heavily relies on cables for transporting our messages and electricity.

When it comes to music, the signal is the most important thing. Sound is transferred from one capsule to another by cables, such as from Microphone to Mixing board, and from mixing board to our computer. The clarity and speed of the signal are the most important aspects when it comes to audio engineering.

Why would we need better cables?

First, we have to understand what is inside the cables. A typical music cable can be separated into few parts. Conductor wires, filler, and protection layers.

A "better" cables imply one feature of the cable that is significantly superior to other companies. Such adjustment can be, better protection material, material use, length, and design.

However, cables are very common music equipment, and a fundamental one for nearly all musicians. Any small changes done to the cable can be quickly adapted and mass-distributed by other companies.

It is a very essential equipment, and that's why Consci Music seeks an upgrade and redesign the look of music cables

To achieve these goals, Consci Music has developed top of line music equipment designed to elevate sound and style, on and off the stage.

Beginning August 20th, we are launching our Kickstarter and releasing our first round of products: Consci Music’s Braided, Gold Plated Instrument and Microphone Cables.

These innovative XLR Male-Female and TS ¼ inch cables feature a built-in signal noise-canceling technology. By integrating an iron core inserted into a PVC mold, we can significantly dampen excess signal noise and elevate your sound. They offer a clean and pristine sound on stage and in the studio.

We seek to make professional-level sound accessible to all musicians and have priced our cables well within the range of our competition. Available in White Gold or Royal Blue, 6 or 9 meters (20 or 30 feet).

These cables are durable, versatile, and tough. With double layers of protection, polyester braids on top of PVC. They are scratch-proof, insects bite-proof, weather and water resistance, and can withstand heavyweights.

We are also proud to offer you a lifetime warranty, ensure that Consci Music cables will be the last cable you’ll ever purchase.

For a limited quantity, Consci Music is offering customizable color schemes on our Instrument and Mic cables. We have over 50 color choices for the outer polyester braid in our color pool.

Match the color of your cable to the tone of your sound, as well as your artistic look.

More colors coming you way soon.

We have built a Kickstarter that tells our story and offers a chance to join our collective. All contributors to our Kickstarter who pledge $35 or more will receive one or more of our Instrument and Mic cables.

In addition, all contributors will receive an exclusive opportunity to submit their music for a potential record deal. Consci Music is entering the market with a product but at heart, we are a music collective and record label. Supporting our Kickstarter is the best way to get involved with Consci Music and join our network of innovators.

Future of music starts now. We welcome you to join our initiative.

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