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Blue Record


Submit your application for joining Consci Clan
Chance to get record deal, studio recording, management, tours, releasing music, and more.

Would you like to be a member of the Consci Clan? Submit your music, score, or work here to be reviewed by our ambassadors. Each submission will be valued by all members in our company.
A video interview will be scheduled following the selection.

What we are Looking for:
- Music that fits our principle beliefs.
Free from Corruption
Free from Purity
Always Innovating.

- Conscious work, which it must have meaning and story behind.

What can you tell about your music, what is your process of composing it, your choice of lyrics and words, what is the direction of your music, why do you compose it, why it matters to you?

- We reject all genres, but accept the true music. Our goal is to create a new wave of music that absorbs the essence of all. Music more than just music.
Do you think your music is CONSCI? What makes your music different and special?

- We look beyond your present, and value your potential greatly. We will designed a personal music direction based on your present and past works, and help you achieve your mission.

- We don't only accept work in form of music, we welcome artist, choreographer, visual art, performative art, artech, and more. However one must have the ability to create. For more information about this, please contact us before submitting.

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