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license your
music, score, work/idea
Reserve, Preserve, Protect your work

Services we provide under licensing:
- We preserve your music, score, and unfinished work/idea so you will have extra protection for your music, and we help guarantee the authenticity of your work. 

- We will list your score with music in our site under your name, anyone who want to perform your work will go through our service. They'll have to pay a small "ask for score" fee to get your score and perform with it. 100% of the fee will be given to your account.

- We will be monitor the music/score/song, ensure that it is put in to good use. If it is performed, we will contact the venue and band for collecting your music royalties.

- If you request, we will send your music score to our Clan artists to perform or record. Small fee needed.

Note, this is not a service for releasing your music to platforms.

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