- Gold plated Zinc Alloy XLR to XLR connector - Designed in the highest standard that connect the aesthetics and the clarity of sound.

- Studio and stage grade - Finest sound in any situation, designed for professional recording, and stage performances.


- Compatible with all XLR equipment - Such as condenser, ribbon, dynamic microphone, mixers, mixing board, preamps, speakers, harmonizers, patch bays, and more.


- Highest sound quality - With build in noise cancelling technology, eliminate signal noise, and provide a balanced and pristine sound.


- Unique in the market - Top of the art design that leads the market.


- Braided shield - Provide an extra layer of protection on top of the pvc layer. Highest strength and easy to coil and store. 


- Lifetime Warranty - We are proud to support you in making the most out of your music. 

CONSCI XLR Microphone Cable

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