Consci Music XLR Microphone Cable
Designed for artistic uniqueness. Compatible with Dynamic Microphone, Condenser Mic, Shotgun Mic, Ribbon Mic, Mixer, Vocoder, Mixing Board, Audio Interface, Preamps, Speakers, Harmonizers, Patch Bays, Looper, and all standard XLR 3-pin cable input and output applications.

- Gold plated Zinc Alloy XLR to XLR connector - Designed to the highest level that combine aesthetics look and clarity of sound. 


- All purpose recording cable - Whether you are a podcaster, musician, streamer, gamer, youtuber, speaker, producer, or just want to record and present anything. This is the best cable for you in every situation period.


- Compatible with all XLR equipment - Industry standard XLR 3 pin balanced 4 conductor cable. 98% quieter than other standard microphone cables.


- Pristine sound quality - Duo signal noise canceling rings eliminate signal noises, and provide a consistent and clean signal with a pristine sound. 


- Unique in the market - Top of the art design, using Zinc Alloy "Light Saber" inspired design, with a redesigned thumb-fitting release button. Combining the most pleasing artistic look with best sound quality.


- Braided shield - Provide an extra layer of cotton braided protection on top of the pvc layer. Highest strength and easy to coil and store.


- Industry leading - Each sale of our music cables is reinvested into the music-making of Consci affiliated music artists. We use the product sale to fund musicians' next big hit. 


- Lifetime Warranty - We are proud to support you in making the most out of your music with our quality guaranteed cables. 

CONSCI Music XLR Microphone Cable

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