Consci Music TS 1/4 inch Instrument Cable
Designed for artistic uniqueness, compatible with Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Pedal Effects, Mixing board, Audio Interface, and other TS unbalanced instrument cable applications.


- Gold plated carbon fiber imprint connector - Takes your music to the professional level with the best connection for your instrument to the audience. 


- Studio and stage grade - Finest sound in any situation, designed for professional recording and stage performances.


- Pristine sound quality - Signal noise canceling rings eliminate extra "humming" and signal noises, and provide a consistent and clean sound with a pristine tone.


- Unique in the market - Top of the art design, using Carbon Fiber Imprinted into the male-male connectors. Combining the most pleasing aesthetic look with best sound quality.


- Braided shield - Provide an extra layer of cotton braided protection on top of the pvc layer. Highest strength and easy to coil and store.


- Industry leading - Each sale of our music cables is reinvested into the music-making of Consci affiliated music artists. We use the product sale to fund musicians' next big hit. 


- Lifetime Warranty - We are proud to support you in making the most out of your music with our quality guaranteed cables. 

CONSCI Music TS Instrument Cable

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