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CONSCI Music Production Featuring Martín Guas - En Esta Carta

CONSCI Music Production Featuring Martín Guas - En Esta Carta

Martin Guas is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from La Plata, Argentina.

Surrounded by musicians and instruments in his parent's music shop, he started his musical education when he was only three years old.

Versatile on the guitar, the piano alongside his captivating voice, Martin Guas' music and his lyrical writing are deeply rooted in Latin America's folk. With contemporary productions influenced by his current environment in the United States, he brings his music to the present.

Over the last few years, Martin has shared the stage and recorded with renowned musicians such as John Legend, Larry Klein, Natalia Lafourcade, Armando Manzanero, Kurt Elling, Javier Limón, and many others.

En Esta Carta (in this letter) is a romantic love song, portraying that the distanced love between two lovers, connected by the love letter.

"It is a song about a goodbye letter, from a love that is reciprocated but distanced, such as struggles. It came out this year because of the pandemic, so many lovers are struggling, separated by distance.

Sometimes love can't survived the long distance, the cultural differences. The love is there, but these things are the obstacles."

En esta carta escribo yo

no es la distancia es el amor

No es la impaciencia es el dolor

Y lo repito no soy yo

Que sean tus ojos, los de los dos

Que sea el destino que nos unió

Que sean los astros no es que me importe

Que sea el silencio para amarte

In this letter I write

it's not the distance it's love

It's not impatience, it's pain

And I repeat it, it's not me

Let it be your eyes, both of them

Let it be the fate that brought us together

That they are the stars is not that I care

Let it be silence to love you

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